A great new extensive range of clocks specially designed for Schools, Nursery’s, Play Groups, and Youth Clubs.

The range comes in four fabulous designs including Roman, Modern Numbers, Coloured Comic Sans Numbers and Animal Numbers; all four of which are perfectly designed with children of all ages in mind.

These clocks feature an all metal construction, glass front covers, German High Torque Quartz clock movement (battery operated), metal hands, including second hands, and the choice of two different metal clock case finishes - brushed or polished. Please click on the relevant finish to see pictures

We are also offering the chance to customise the clocks with your school name and emblem. The emblem is not compulsory, and does not have to appear on the clock face if you do not wish. If you would like your emblem to appear on the clock face please fill custom field 2 with the word LOGO and then e-mail it to:


Designed and made in the UK by Roco Verre
German Movement (Battery Included)
Exclusive to Contemporary Heaven


Custom Notes: Please fill in the custom field with the school/nursery name you wish to have on the clock face. The name will be placed exactly where St Christopher’s School is placed in a Verdana font, in Black. If you require a school emblem to be placed exactly where the emblem in the picture is placed on the clock (Custom Field 2) as well as the school name, or if you have any special requests regarding fonts and colours please send an e-mail with your school logo to: custom@contemporaryheaven.com