4 Ways To Improve A Bland Rental Bathroom

4 Ways To Improve A Bland Rental Bathroom

Post-pandemic, we are all much more aware of our homes and the time we spend there, and many people have invested in improving their homes, including turning their bathrooms into a haven to escape from the world.

But if you’re renting your home, you likely won’t be able to rip it out and create a spa-like experience. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to spice up a bland bathroom. We have a look at some ways to improve your bathroom experience.


Think about textiles

Why go for a boring standard bath mat when there are so many gorgeous throw rugs available? Of course, you will need to choose one that is absorbent if it is to live right next to the tub. A punch, vintage rug that you can roll up and take with you when you move is never a bad idea.

Also, take a look at your towels, and upgrading to more quality linens will help you, and guests, feel extra comfortable in your space.


Dress your sink

A bare, white porcelain sink can be uninspiring, but by skirting the sink you can add great hidden storage underneath. There are many affordable options online that you can embellish any way you want.


Add some accents

Accessories can make a difference, but if your bathroom is on the smaller size, you don’t need to go overboard. Even a vibrant soap dispenser, mirror frame, or hanging towels can have quite an impact. Accessories are a great way to introduce colour to a bland bathroom.


Opt for art

Why not create an art gallery wall in the bathroom with some salon-style prints and art. It can be a great place for the little pieces you may pick up, but keep in mind the humid conditions might mean it’s not the place for anything precious!


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