5 Simple & Attainable Scandinavian Interior Designs

5 Simple & Attainable Scandinavian Interior Designs

The Scandi interior decor trend has been aspirational for many homeowners, who want to implement the cozy and snug aesthetic. The earthy tones and natural vibe of Scandinavian interiors present a homey yet sophisticated look that is ideal for homes of all sizes.

To get the look for yourself, you need to find the perfect balance between minimal decor and the relaxed and intimate vibe that defines the Scandi style, making use of natural materials such as cork and pale softwoods.

We have some tips to help you strike this balance for yourself with five affordable and attainable Nordic design tips.


1. Natural light

Scandi is all about the natural look, and to implement as many natural materials as possible, and the easiest way to do this is to let in as much natural light as possible. Open the curtains wide, and replace them with pale fabrics if they’re a little heavy and dark to help bring more light into the room.


2. Interesting contrasts

Contrasting colours like grey and white, navy and rust, or teal and rose are often spotted being played within Scandi homes. Try a lighter wall shade, and then add elements in a contrasting color across the room to provide interesting accents.


3. Think Hygge

The concept of hygge embodies the energy of Scandinavian interior design. The comfortable conviviality of Scandi designs is what makes them what they are. Try adding throw cushions, messy-chic rugs, and soft furnishings to make the space look inviting and relaxing.


4. Warm Wood

Warmer and sepia hues are incredibly popular in Nordic interior design because of their cozy and familiar energy and can be a great way to spruce up your Scandi homes. Introduce warm wood elements in the form of frames, furniture, and decor to bring a sense of warmth to your surroundings.


5. Add a pop of colour

Scandi design utilizes colour in small bursts of bright hues. Try implementing this with a gallery wall that can showcase colorful art or photographs, which will also add a personal touch to the room. Botanical prints are particularly welcome in Scandinavian design.


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