5 Tips To Make A Small Room Feel More Spacious

5 Tips To Make A Small Room Feel More Spacious

A small room can be cosy and it’s easy to look after, but sometimes clutter can be energy draining, and a more spacious feel is just what’s needed. Here are some tips to help you live large.

1. Be economical with furniture

Try to include as few pieces of furniture as possible in the room. One slightly larger sofa rather than a set of chairs will help to reduce the feeling of clutter. Ask yourself if you really need every single item in the room.

2. Use lots of mirrors

Mirrors throw more light around the room, so the more the better. Choose furniture such as coffee tables or a chest of drawers with reflective surfaces, go for mirrored extra large wall clocks, and hang mirrors opposite windows to maximise the light.

3. Choose light colours

White reflects light more easily than other colours, so choose whites for décor where possible. Make sure the ceiling is freshly painted in brilliant white. If you find it too chilly for walls, chose slightly-off white or neutral tones. Stick to solid light colours for flooring and upholstery. You can always add splashes of pattern and colour with rugs and cushions.

4. Replace heavy curtains with blinds

The more natural light you can get into the room the better, so replace any thick heavy curtains with white blinds which allow you to control the amount of light that can get in. Keep the window panes sparkling clean both inside and out.

5. Install plentiful artificial lighting

A well-lit room will look and feel bigger, so plan the lighting carefully. Add recessed wall lights, a ceiling pendant light, task lighting and table lamps to create layers which will generate mood and ambience, and also be a practical feature which will allow you to work and read comfortably.