A Few Of the Many Photo Frames Available From Contemporary Heaven

A Few Of the Many Photo Frames Available From Contemporary Heaven

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a vast range of different photo frames. In this digital age we all like to take photographs on our phones, although some people still use cameras as well. Professional photographers, obviously, still use highly technical cameras, but it has to be said that the cameras in phones that are available today, such as the iPhone XR and the Samsung Galaxy S10, can produce pretty stunning pictures. 

Not so many years ago, the only way to take photos was on a camera using film, which you then sent off to be developed, so you didn’t see your photos until you received the prints back. Now you can see your photos instantly and if you don’t like one you can simply delete it. The rest you can share with friends on Facebook or from one phone to another.

However, it is a fact that many people still like to display their favourite photos in a frame, either hanging on the wall or in a display frame that stands on a mantlepiece, bookshelf, or on a side table, and for that you obviously have to print the photos off, so you need a printer. 

Then comes the choice of a frame, and here we have spoilt you for choice. We have many single photo frames, such as the Umbra Prisma Photo Frame which is a minimalist frame where your photo sits between two sheets of glass with wire shapes around the edge showing through the front of the frame. This frame is in three sizes and will hold photos of 4” x 6”, 5” x 7”, or 8” x 10”. The frame is also available in a white, black, or chrome finish. 

Other photo frames, such as the Umbra Luna Photo Art Display, have room for multiple photographs. This particular style has a circular outer frame with nine inner sections which each hold a 4” x 6” photo, so you could display nine photos of your holiday snaps, or nine photos of the dog jumping about, or nine photos of different family members, for instance. This particular frame is for wall hanging. 

Then there is the Umbra Senza Multi Photo Frame which has four sections and will hold two 4” x 6” photos and two 4” x 4” photos. This particular frame is of sleek modern metal design and can be both wall-hung or displayed on your desk.