The Robin Mantel Clock from Arti & Mestieri is a funky clock with character and poise. It has a unique design, forming a beautiful and unusual clock for desks, mantel-pieces and sideboards.

Constructed mainly from red metal, Robin features a design which neatly folds over at the bottom to form a well balanced stand. A stylised frosted dial gives the clock an abstract quality which is further enhanced by the textured metal numbers 2 and 3, which begin integrated at the back of the clock from the base of the 3, swirling upwards and outwards to sit in front of the top right hand corner of the dial.

This three dimensional design adds interest and form, creating a very artistic yet simple clock which would harmonise beautifully with any style of décor. A stylishly shaped black seconds hand and thick chrome hour and minute hands with a subtle taper finish the look.

Requires 1 x AA battery

Made by Arti & Mestieri