21 May 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a vast range of different photo frames. In this digital age we all like to take photographs on our phones, although some people still use cameras as well.

03 May 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a huge range of items for the modern home in the 21st century. Some people do like antique furniture, and we accept that, but it is getting harder to find even if you do like it. But most people today have moved on into the 21st century (we are already nearly a fifth of the way through it, which is a bit of a shock) and are looking for items for the home that represent the way we are now.

01 April 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a wide range of goods manufactured by Umbra, including the Umbra kitchen ware range and Umbra bathroom ware. They produce a number of products in their "Buddy" design – the little man with outstretched arms who is your "buddy". For instance, there is the Buddy Corkscrew. Made of a shiny silver coloured metal, the top part of the Buddy Corkscrew is the corkscrew itself which, when not in use, sits in Buddy's legs keeping it protected, and safe from somebody accidently hurting themselves on the point of the corkscrew. The outstretched arms give you a great grip when using the corkscrew for its' most important purpose – opening that bottle of Chateau Plonque 1987 for dinner.

07 March 2019

No matter where in the world you live, it rains. Well, OK, perhaps not very often in the Sahara desert, but in most places it rains regularly.