05 November 2014

Winter can definitely be felt in the air. No wonder that, in the evenings, all we want to do is slip under a warm blanket and relax in front of a TV with a hot drink in our hand.

03 September 2014

As the days become colder and colder, and we slowly head towards autumn, our homes will start becoming reliant on central heating systems and feature fireplaces. There is something charming and comforting about snuggling up in front of a flickering fire during cold evenings, especially if it rains and is cold outside. So why not spoil your fireplace this year with a few features of its own? Contemporary Heaven has recently added more funky accessories to its range of fireplace heaven.

20 August 2014

Holiday months are when most weddings, house warmings and parties happen. It is also when you are the most likely to look for that special present for that special occasion. At Contemporary Heaven you will find an astonishing variety of small and big home accessories, gifts and gadgets. You can even personalise them with a name, date, word or logo. From photo frames to clocks, you can be certain to find something appropriate for the occasion.

16 July 2014

Light a few candles around your house or outside and you’ll not only save money on electricity but create a warm, summery ambience at the same time. Candles used to be the only source of light in the past and are vastly underrated nowadays. Candle lover or not, you can make great use of them, especially during the light nights and evening not only inside, but also in your garden during those summer parties or barbeques.

14 July 2014

We are in the middle of summer and spend more time in the garden, as the days are longer, nights warmer and the weather drier and sunnier. Whether you go on a holiday or stay at home, it is worth making sure that the garden benefits from the summer as well by enjoying the features and accessories available at Contmporary Heaven.

09 July 2014

If you are searching for something different and original, with a lot of character, then you should consider the new range of Skeleton clocks available at Contemporary Heaven, the expert in clock making and selling. Their interesting design attracts the lovers of new and old alike. These clocks are grand and splendid and their large size will make them stand out in any room in any house, office or building. You can choose between the modern and antique, the mirror, silver, black or gold options in different sizes and shapes, with Roman or French numbers.

22 April 2014

Creating a bathroom environment that is both functional and relaxing is essential. Without adequate space, comfort and functionality bathrooms simply won’t be as inviting as they could be. You may be surprised to learn that the path to achieving a bathroom that’s both functional and relaxing can be achieved in a few easy steps. Have a look at the list below that outlines seven accessories that will transform your bathroom into the ideal environment.

22 April 2014

The addition of a bar in the home can be a great way to relax, unwind, spend time with friends and family, and even add that splash of individuality to your home. There is a wealth of reasons for installing a bar in the home.

17 April 2014

Any outdoor space would benefit greatly from the inclusion of appropriate and elegant garden furniture. Furniture for the exterior environment differs greatly in both functionality and design from furniture found in the interior of the home. As such this furniture is crafted in a different way. One of the principal materials, outdoor furniture is crafted from is aluminium. Here are the reasons why aluminium is considered to be one of the best outdoor furniture materials.

17 April 2014

Wall clocks can make great additions to any home, and not just to be used as timepieces. Many of us are now beginning to use wall clocks for decorative purposes. When considering a wall clock to decorate your home there are few factors that you need to consider.

16 April 2014

Putting your personal mark on a property is one of the most joyous aspects of being a homeowner. Creating your own personal environment, one that’s unique to you, will truly make a house feel like a home.

15 April 2014

Whether you hoard belongings for years on end, or if you take a minimalistic approach to home furnishing, homeowners can agree it’s relatively easy to fill a home. Over time people accumulate belongings that require storage space.

14 April 2014

Where’s the best place to pop your iPod or iPhone when it needs a quick charge? If we said you should place your Pod into a pig you’d think we’d gone utterly mad at Contemporary Heaven but nothing could be further from the truth.

14 April 2014

Want to give your bathroom a makeover? We’ve got plenty of products at Contemporary Heaven that are perfect for all types of bathroom settings, can we suggest stainless steel accessories though if you are trying to create a cool, stylish and modernistic interior? Stainless steel is classy and sophisticated, it looks beautiful when polished and it could be all you need to add a little glam to your home.

10 April 2014

How many times have you prepared a meal in the kitchen and felt like a pressure cooker about to explode because things didn’t quite turn out according to plan? Cooking a meal puts you under pressure, especially if you are entertaining guests and the pressure is on to produce a culinary masterpiece that’ll wow people at your candlelit soiree. Take the easy route next time with our top kitchen advice, use these accessories to make your life less complicated.

10 April 2014

Calling all customers, storage doesn’t have to be boring, we have stacks of storage at Contemporary Heaven and you couldn’t class it as tedious in any way. We let other companies stick with mind-numbing storage solutions, we like to offer our customers novel ways of storing goods, take the following option as an example.

10 April 2014

Time controls our lives so it’s perfectly understandable if you want to take your time to choose a new clock. Picking a clock for the home or the office environment can rather testing though, you want to take your time but the clock is ticking, even though you haven’t found it yet!

10 April 2014

How many of your photographs actually make it to the real world? Bet you take tons of pictures on your camera, phone or tablet and the vast majority of them will be confined to a digital grave, rested for eternity in a file on your laptop. Don’t you feel a tinge of sadness when you think about this? Pictures are wonderful keepsakes, they should be shared, displayed out in the open and showcased in a positive light. We have bags of ideas and of innovative ways to display your photographs at Contemporary Heaven, try one of our suggestions if you want to flood your home with happy memories.

03 March 2014

Air purifiers have been proven to significantly reduce the volume of harmful contaminants in the air. Whether employed in a dust-ridden workplace or in a living area of the home, air purifiers will filter out the impurities, and any potential harmful elements that the air contains.

03 March 2014

The presence of handmade glassware in homes across the UK has grown in popularity over recent times. With so many soft furnishings and household essentials, not to mention decorative items suffering from similar design features, an injection of some much needed individuality is essential for some people’s homes.