30 April 2020

If you’re planning to revamp one room, or maybe multiple rooms, in your home, you may well be scouring the internet to find out what interior design trends are hot at the moment.

24 April 2020

Now is a good time to remind those nearest and dearest to you how much them mean with a special gift.

14 April 2020

Here are some of the best items you can pick up that will give your house the update you are looking for.

31 March 2020

With spring definitely well on the way and the first hints of warmer weather, now is the perfect time to start getting your outdoor space ready for the summer.

19 March 2020

We’ve picked out four new interior design trends, as seen at the interior design trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt, Germany last month, so you can get your hygge game to the next level!

05 February 2020

There are many ways to give your kitchen a worthy update without ripping it all out and starting a complete remodelling, here are our top tips!

09 January 2020

If you enjoy having friends and family stay over then you’ll want to make sure that the decor in your guest bedroom is on point. Here are some top tips to help you achieve just that!

12 December 2019

To help you keep on top of everything & keep the family happy at this time of year, here are a few apps that could ensure the festive season goes swimmingly.

11 November 2019

Interior design could make a big difference to your emotional state with just a couple of tweaks here and there it could realy boost your mood.

04 September 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we have an almost endless selection of items for the modern home, ranging from coat hooks and hangers, to garden plant pots which light up, to modern waste bins, clocks, barware, a huge amount of lighting, mirrors, and lots, lots more. For the 21st century home, we have it all. Just scroll through all the different categories and you will see that you have a choice of thousands of items, most of which are in stock and ready for instant delivery.

14 August 2019

In days gone by, a few photographs of the family were treasured by many people. Going back 100 years, yes, we had cameras, but they were very limited in their abilities. So the black and white photo of your great grandad and grandma on their wedding day may still be a treasured item.

05 July 2019

There are certain things that we all need in our lives that are pretty mundane. One of those is a kettle. We ALL, without exception, need a kettle in the kitchen, if only to boil the water for the morning coffee, or tea if that is your preference. OK, perhaps the late, lamented, Peter Cook, of the Peter Cook and Dudley Moore duo, would have preferred a large shot of vodka, but for most of us it’s coffee or tea. Thinking about it, he probably did manage without a kettle.

05 June 2019

One of the problems that we all have in the UK is that it rains. In fact, it rains quite a lot, depending where you are. The wind also blows. When it gets cold in the winter it snows too. Even in the summer we can have hailstorms.

21 May 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a vast range of different photo frames. In this digital age we all like to take photographs on our phones, although some people still use cameras as well.

03 May 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a huge range of items for the modern home in the 21st century. Some people do like antique furniture, and we accept that, but it is getting harder to find even if you do like it. But most people today have moved on into the 21st century (we are already nearly a fifth of the way through it, which is a bit of a shock) and are looking for items for the home that represent the way we are now.

01 April 2019

At Contemporary Heaven we stock a wide range of goods manufactured by Umbra, including the Umbra kitchen ware range and Umbra bathroom ware. They produce a number of products in their "Buddy" design – the little man with outstretched arms who is your "buddy". For instance, there is the Buddy Corkscrew. Made of a shiny silver coloured metal, the top part of the Buddy Corkscrew is the corkscrew itself which, when not in use, sits in Buddy's legs keeping it protected, and safe from somebody accidently hurting themselves on the point of the corkscrew. The outstretched arms give you a great grip when using the corkscrew for its' most important purpose – opening that bottle of Chateau Plonque 1987 for dinner.

07 March 2019

No matter where in the world you live, it rains. Well, OK, perhaps not very often in the Sahara desert, but in most places it rains regularly.

21 December 2018

At Contemporary Heaven we have a huge selection of photo frames and wall frames in a wide choice of designs and styles to hold a single photo or print, or frames that can hold multiple photos of all the family, family pets, holiday scenes, or anything else that takes your fancy.

22 November 2018

On a freezing cold winter's night there is nothing quite like sitting down after dinner in front of a blazing log fire. Central heating has its' place, of course, but it doesn't provide the ambience that an open fire does.

10 October 2018

There is an old saying that you only get one chance to make a great first impression, and it is as true today as it has ever been. This is why many people take such great trouble to make the front of their homes look great and keep the front garden full of beautiful looking flowers and plants, and where they have a lawn ensure that it gets mown once a week in summer with those attractive stripes. In fact, some people will go to inordinate lengths in order to make their front garden look like something that even the Royal Horticultural Society would be proud of.