Our modern classic cased all metal modern classic range has been manufactured in the UK for nearly 15 years and is still, in our opinion, the best cased clock you can buy. Made with quality all metal components and a superior German movement it offers excellent value for money and reliable service. The range comes in a selection of modern designs which have a simple cleanness to the face in keeping with the appeal of the Roco Verre brand.

This particular design is the latest of the modern classic clock range featuring a choice of either black or white vintage roman numerals and is available in two sizes, 26cm (10") or 35cm (15") Diameter. Each clock features vintage classic metal hands, all metal construction and a good quality German quartz movement. We can supply this clock with a brushed satin finish or a polished chrome metal case, please click on the relevant size, colour and case finish to your left.


Now for the first time we are giving you the chance to customise these great clocks with your own choice of city or country name and/or Corporate Logo/name. The time zone of your choice will be printed onto the clock dial in a bold black or white Perpetua font which we feel offers that vintage modern look that stands out and fits in well with the clock design.

These clocks work brilliantly as a set to represent different time zones around the globe, we also suggest mixing the black and white dials to create an even more effective look.

Please remember to choose the required size and case finish before placing your order.


 Made in the UK by Roco Verre
Exclusive to Contemporary Heaven

German Movement (Battery Included)

Timezone: Please insert your city/timezone of your choice in the custom field 1, this will be printed onto the dial exactly as shown in the picture in a bold Perpetual font in Capitals. Each city will be scaled up or down in proportion to the dial if needed. If more than one clock is ordered at the same time, the font will remain the same size through all of the clocks regardless of the city name length.
If no timezone is required put in custom field 1 NONE
Logo: If you wanted a logo or name please insert into custom field 2, if you wanted a logo please e-mail the logo in a good quality PDF and insert into custom field 2 "logo", If no logo is required put NONE in custom field 2.
Any questions just give us a call or drop us an e-mail. All artwork will have to be approved before manufacture.