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Some amazing soft home furnishings, including rugs and cushions from unique designers Dreamweavers. Each Dreamweaver design range has a very unusual 3D appearance, which makes these gorgeous furnishings stand out from the crowd.

This rug is part of the spiky range, and comes in a classically neutral taupe colour, it is brilliant quality, and has a soft velvet style finish across the front, with a gripped Hessian back.

The top of the rug makes an amazing impact. It is made up of a series of 3D pockets of the velvet material, which have been stitched on the base to cover the whole of the top of the rug, just like the top of the matching spiky cushions.

A real wow factor piece of design with great originality, perfect for livening up any room in your home.

Made and designed by Dreamweavers