Forget Minimalism, Maximalism Is back

Forget Minimalism, Maximalism Is back

Not that long ago, the focus on interior design was a mix of Japanese and Scandinavian minimalism, striving to keep our decor to a bare minimum and ensure there was a functional ethic to decor.

However, the parallels of the Roaring ‘20s and the 2020s have not been lost on those paying attention to design trends. Both followed a pandemic that kept people stuck in their homes for months on end. In the 1920s, the western world responded with an era known for its excess and luxury, a trend that has been noted by BBC’s Design Masters’ Amy Wilson.

While we might not be all donning flapper dresses and heading to a speakeasy, we have a look at this design trend.


Whats driving the trend?

As in the 1920s, the trend is a reaction to the events of the past almost two years, and after finding themselves stuck at home, people want to find more joy and fun in their homes and began using colour, patterns, and textures.


What defines the maximalist look?

Maximalism means more, more, more! More of your favourite colours, fabrics, and home accessories. The more-is-more approach allows for freedom to be loud, chaotic, and colourful. It is the interior design equivalent of a 1960s flower-power, Jimi Hendrix at Woodstock wall print, loud, colourful, and often retro.


Whats the difference between maximalism and clutter?

Maximalism is not achieved by chance, it is not chaos or disorder, but a controlled and curated chaos that incorporates balance. To avoid rooms looking too random, find a few common colours or patterns to repeat through the room.

Maximalism can be introduced into almost every style, from traditional and contemporary to ultra-modern interiors, and often benefits from a clash of styles, for instance, an antique French armchair paired with a modern glass cube coffee table.

The key is not to try and wing it, but to build a room scheme with a well-planned furniture layout, before layering patterns, furnishings, and decor. Edit what doesn’t work or doesn’t make sense, but don’t fixate on making everything match!


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