Great Lighting Options For Winter

Great Lighting Options For Winter

Only the keenest Game of Thrones fans will enjoy hearing the phrase “winter is coming”, but there can be little doubt the days are starting to get shorter.

August is a month when over an hour of daylight is lost in both the morning and evening between the start and end of the month, and the weather, while often as hot as any in summer, often comes with an autumnal tinge.

Knowing that outdoor activities will soon be more about kicking through falling leaves than incinerating hitherto edible food on the BBQ, now is a good time to be thinking about getting some funky indoor lighting.

When it comes to contemporary lighting, the good news is we have a great range, which is just as well because, as ever, we’re pretty sure lots of ‘experts’ are just guessing when they say what’s in fashion for indoor lighting in 2021. This is just as well, since whatever you get should still look good in 2022 and 2023, when doubtless the zeitgeist has moved onto something else.

According to Structure Design, the top trends are soft gold hues, a ‘rustic but refined’ look, large lights that garner attention, a hint of nostalgia and sustainability.

Homes & Gardens agrees on the idea of lights being the centre of attention, but otherwise emphasises elements like sculptured shapes, arty ceiling lights and lights that stand out for their ‘bold statements’ in design or lots of colour.

In the end, everyone has their own ideas and as we offer door, table and ceiling lights alike, you can choose where you want new lighting, as well as what kind of funky, arty or just plain-old-attention-seeking (as this is so 2021) lights you want.

After all, what matters most is you have something that looks great and makes your home more of a fun place when the nights are long, dark and cold and winter is no longer coming, but here.