Home Fragrance Candles By Room: What To Choose

Home fragrance candles are a lovely way to make sure your house always smells lovely and fresh, no matter what you’re doing - and when lit, they create a really lovely homely glow throughout your house, which everyone will appreciate.

But you need to take slight care when it comes to choosing the different scents for various parts of the house and you may well find that some fragrances are better suited to some rooms than others.

Take the bedroom, for example. Fragrances that work really well in your sleeping quarters are relaxing scents like rose or lavender.

You’re trying to wind down for the night and ease yourself into a good night’s sleep, so anything that promotes rest and relaxation is a great choice. What about jasmine, ylang ylang or sandalwood? Play around with a few until you find one you like.

While these fragrances work well in the bedroom, they may not be a good choice for the kitchen, however. Kitchens are where everyone congregates throughout the day and they see an awful lot of hustle and bustle - so you need a candle that can keep up with it all.

Stronger, bolder fragrances are key in this room of the house, as you’ll have lots of different smells over the course of the day, what with all the cooking going on. You might want to think about some kind of food theme with your fragrance, so what about chocolate or salted caramel, or perhaps something like a coffee candle - which everyone is sure to love the smell of.

Citrus scents are also a great choice for the kitchen, because they smell deliciously crisp and fresh, and they’ll also be amazing at masking food smells as you cook.

As for the living room, you want to promote a sense of warmth and cosiness, so you might be best off looking for candle fragrances like vanilla, sandalwood or cedarwood. These are all very comforting, welcoming smells that will really encourage everyone to spend time together in this part of the house.

And then there’s the at-home office, which many of us now have thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Energising scents that can help inspire you and help you keep your focus would prove useful here, so think along the lines of peppermint, jasmine, rosemary, eucalyptus and orange.

Of course, it will come down to personal preference as to the kind of fragrances you like and you may find that you would quite like to have a chocolate candle in the bedroom, rather than lavender. Just play around with different fragrances until you find a combination that you like.

We’d love to hear your winning formula, so get in touch to tell us how you’re fragrancing your home at the moment.