How To Decorate For Christmas

How To Decorate For Christmas

Once all the Halloween decor has been put away for another year, it’s then time to prepare for the festive season, and deck the halls!

Whether you go all out and decorate the entire home, or prefer a slightly less maximalist approach, we have a look at some interior design tips on how to decorate for Christmas.


1. Consider the space you have

Before planning your decor, look a the space you have to work with, and where you can put decorations to ensure the room still looks stylish whiteout being overwhelmed.


2. Embrace themes 

Themes can be very helpful when looking for decor inspiration. The easiest Christmas decor themes to execute are gold and silver colour schemes, or a red and green theme with plenty of foliage and holly.


3. Consider practicalities

We don’t mean to sound like the fun police, but it is important to consider the practicalities of your festive decor, as you don’t want things getting in your way s your go about your daily lives at home.


4. When should you decorate?

While some people will be replacing Halloween decor with Christmas trimmings come 1 November, others wait until December, or even wait until the 12 days of Christmas. On the other hand, some folk might have started in September. There is no ‘right’ answer for when, except fr whenever you prefer!


5. Don’t take it too seriously!

Remember that Christmas is a celebration, not a chore, so ensure that you are not stressing yourself over the decorations, get the family involved, and enjoy it!


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