This efflorescent lamp has rock opera style and natural inspiration. Bloom genuinely blossoms in an ebullient and luxurious crystal cascade.

Bloom is constructed from a tubular polycarbonate framework, which is then concealed by a canopy of tiny double corolla flowers. As a result, Bloom has a very unique and modernistic appearance. A series of small lights have also been strategically placed within the structural beams of the shade, refracting the light through the faceted petals to create beautiful reflections.

Available in lavish transparent crystal, matte white or black and in a sassy mix of pink and black, Bloom is a splendid work of art that creates a dazzling atmosphere. With a minimum drop height of 80cm and a maximum of 240cm, Bloom is very adaptable, suitable for both businesses and homes.

Requires 9 x G9 bulbs
Made by Kartell