The Kartell company has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, becoming world renowned for its use of technological savvy in the production of new and interesting articles. Using modern techniques, Kartell has produced some of the most iconic home accessories in the world to date.

Dune, a translucent and colourful tray, shimmers with an almost iridescent light. Featuring internal sculpting which refracts light and colour, Dune retains its necessary smooth surfaces while gaining an impression of fluidity. The transparent material used allows the sculpting to show through and catches any light in an interesting display.

With Dune, kartell have transformed a mundane object into a work of art. Available in various colour options, each shade has been inspired by the world around us; Crystal displays the animated images of light, Smoke represents the caprices of wind, Red reminds us of rivers of lava, Orange is for fiery flames.

Dune is also weatherproof, being at once a tremendously functional item and an amazing artistic creation.

Made by Kartell