The Kartell company has amassed a great wealth of knowledge and experience over the years, becoming world renowned for its use of technological savvy in the production of new and interesting articles. Using modern techniques, Kartell has produced some of the most iconic home accessories in the world to date.

Colourful and intriguing, the curvaceous Infinity Wine Rack has a modular construction which allows for an infinite number of combinations. Any number of packs can be fastened together to form the size of wine rack desired. And since it is modular, colour is also interchangeable. For instance, one orange pack and one yellow pack could be combined to create a funky coloured bottle holder. When built up, the sections form a hole that measures 10cm across.

Infinity comes as a 16-piece pack and includes instructions on assembly, although it may be freely composed as desired. Each piece measures 9.5cm wide, 15cm long and 6.5cm deep and slots together in a simple assembly. It is available in four terrific colours and even has the added advantage of being weatherproof.

Made by Kartell