Koziol’s art at work

Koziol is a German creator of colourful, original, yet very practical home accessories that win top design awards. Their products are art, but not the kind of art that collects dust in a corner or stands around in a museum.  From bag clips to lamps and clocks, they are very handy everyday house accessories that will clean your veggies, serve up your salad and light up your home. Every single product is a visible proof of the high art and dedication to detail that is put into everything that the company creates with a passion whilst collaborating with the best designers and creating icons of a modern age. Many have tried to copy Koziol’s design quality. Fortunately, most people value authenticity and creativity. Indeed, their original products are true and inimitable art at work.

We have recently added a few new home accessories to our Koziol products. Susi is a new range of kitchen accessories, amongst which you can find a bag clip, cake slice spacer and a bottle stopper, all beautifully finished with a romantic red heart. Ideal as a Valentine’s gift or a present for any occasion.

Miaou is yet another new range of products by the German creator of home accessories, Koziol. We offer a bag clip, paper towel stand and a bottle stopper with a funky cat’s head – a perfect present for any animal lovers.

We have also added a few new presenting trays, including Betty, which is a cake stand that can step out of line when serving pastries, fruit, chocolates or party snacks. Betty tray is a mobile serving solution for snacks, sweets or even complete meals. Babell, named after the famous biblical tower, is an excellent example that kitchen item can be functional and a pleasure to look at, too. It presents a lot of space for cakes, fruits, appetisers, sushi, etc. All the trays match and complement each other if you wish to purchase more than one item.

So whether you need just a bag clip, bottle stopper or a new cake stand Koziol will not disappoint!