Based on the design of the world-famous Big Ben clock face on London's Houses of Parliament, this amazing back lit illuminated wall clock is the perfect centrepiece for any room in your house or office, measuring 60cm across with a white opaque back panel with an old English digits clock dial, antiqued brass metal clock case and stylish metal gold hands, this clock offers a lot of style for your money and one of our best clocks!

The clock dial illuminates with a white soft Led light, comes with a 2 meter black cable and transformer plug, the cable plugs into the base of the clock where there is a small discrete switch, if you cant hide the cable we would suggest painting the cable the same colour as your walls to keep as discrete as possible.

Size 60cm (24") dia. weight 5 Kg, one hanging point.

Transformer 110v-240v
Requires 1 x AA battery