Millefiori Milano endeavour to offer products that are, in some form, unique and which express the character of the individuals who choose them, creating a perfect harmony in their ambiance.

This is the Fragrance Diffuser, which yields a delicate and long-lasting perfume. The fragrance itself is diffused through the partially submerged sticks, which absorb the liquid and disperse it upwards in a constant manner. This 100ml diffuser will keep a room smelling divine for two to three months.

Fragrances available:
Legni E Spezie - Hints of lavender and orange cosseted by vanilla pods and cedar wood
Spa & Massage Thai - Relaxing scents of delicate flower petals and a scattering of spices
Pomegranate - Full, discreet notes of cedar wood and overtones of fruit and flower petals
Oxygen - Fizzy, balsamic notes of lemon zest and pine needles
Vanilla Lime - Harmonious pink grapefruit, sweet
orange and Italian lemons sweetened by vanilla

Made by Millefiori Milano

We also stock refills, which can be found here.