New Kitchen, Bar and Table Accessories

Contemporary Heaven always updates and complements the list of their home accessories available for sale in their showroom or on-line. This month they have added a few new kitchen, bar and table accessories amongst which you can find new trays and glasses, glass drying racks, decanters and many more.

So let us say you are planning to throw a party, buy some nibbles, nice food and wine. You can present your food on lovely trays and stands by Koziol 
and your drinks in elegant LSA glasses. With the Red Wine Aerator Decanter Set you don’t even need to wait for wine to breathe in an open bottle. The unique 3 phase aeration and oxygenation system provides up to twice as much scent and flavour compared to serving from a bottle or traditional decanter. If you or your guests prefer spirits rather than wine then the LSA Vodka Serving Set & Black Beech Paddle, inspired by mountain bars in the Tirol, where shots of home-brewed schnapps are offered from person to person on specially-crafted wooden trays,would do a great job at serving the drink. You have guests who do not drink much alcohol? No problem! With the Seventies Metal Mesh Soda Syphon you can get fizzy water instantly and offer them a spritzer. Need to wash and dry your glasses quickly? This task would be nothing but easy with the two glass drying racks on offer! And if you are planning to cook your own food you can equip yourself with a fun and amusing apron "Danger Man Cooking" that will make your guests and family members laugh.Representing a man with a fuming pan and reminiscent of universal danger signs, this apron will put a smile on anyone’s lips.

A special occasion, like a birthday or anniversary to celebrate? Contemporary Heaven can help with their selection of elegant wine and champagne glasses. The set of two LSA Savoy Champagne Saucers are embellished with a hand painted metallic rim in platinum to convey an air of understated glamour. Designed for those very special occasions they help to add a little something extra to your celebrations.

So, whether you plan a big party or a small Tête à Tête celebration count on Contemporary Heaven to help out!