Personalised & Custom Wall Clocks From Roco Verre– Contemporary Heaven

What sets our clocks apart from most you’ll find online is our ability to create custom clocks, printing your choice of message or title up to twenty characters long across the face of your clock. Whether you’re giving a gift and want to add a touch of humour to a personalised kitchen clock, or want to adorn the walls of your office with matching personalised clocks - simply choose your clock and enter the message in the ‘Custom Field’ box.Perfect for home or office, we’re proud to offer our Roco Verre collection of stunning clocks. Taking inspiration from the last four decades you can add the finishing touch to any room with a choice of modern design or add a splash of colour and go retro to complement your existing décor. The perfect balance of function and form allows you to enjoy the Roco Verre style without compromising on readability, making all the clocks you see here suitable for a busy office environment.The Roco Verre range of personalised clocks offers exceptional quality and legibility, keeping the lines clean and simple for maximum effect. With a choice of contemporary monochromes or bright bold colours such as green, purple or orange, our clocks look good on any wall. For the talented (or just enthusiastic) artist we also offer a ‘Design Your Own’ Clock - you simply download our clock-face template and either colour it in by hand or create your own digital masterpiece on your computer, before returning it to us for high-quality printing. You can choose whatever design you like - even let the kids come up with their own clock-face for their room, or coordinate patterns and colours to match any room in your home. Upload and order your personalised clocks now and you’ll have it hanging on your wall in less than two weeks. The Roco Verre  range of custom clocks is exclusive to Contemporary Heaven and you’ll only find them here on our site or in our Hertfordshire showroom, order now or pop down to see them for yourself.


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