Phone App Helps Home Office Workers Have The Right Lights

Phone App Helps Home Office Workers Have The Right Lights

The last year and the growing trend of people working from home has brought with it a unique set of challenges as people have worked to fashion an effective, comfortable and useable home office space.

One of the biggest problems that has been found is lighting, with many home offices lacking the correct novel lights to ensure they stay motivated and keep pursuing their goals.

One unusual way a developer has tried to help with the problem is to design a mobile phone “lux-o-metre”, which uses a mobile phone’s brightness sensor to detect how bright the room is and whether better lights are needed to help improve people’s working space.

Lighting has a huge effect on our mood, our ability to focus and our ability to relax, and the app checks the lighting in a room to see where it is too bright or too dark to effectively do work in.

As well as the sheer brightness, which is typically measured in lux, there is also colour temperature to consider, which is typically measured in Kelvin.

Colour temperature highlights a unique property about lights in that the higher the colour temperature of light the cooler it looks, which is why lights with a low colour temperature are described as “warm” lights when the opposite is true.

Typically as the light gets hotter it glows from red to orange, to yellow, to white and finally to a blue-white colour. The latter is the colour temperature usually found in offices and helps with concentration.