Retro 1970s Interiors Tipped For Latest Trend

Retro 1970s Interiors Tipped For Latest Trend

The latest interior design trends set to dominate 2021 have been predicted to heavily borrow from the fashions and styles of the 1970s, experts have said.

According to the Independent, the retro styles of the 70s, which have been a staple of fashion trends for years, are going to make a comeback in our interior design aspirations. Household furnishings firm Habitat has also predicted the interiors trend, reporting that searches for 70s staple rattan have jumped by 3,000 per cent, and bamboo has seen a 50 per cent surge.

'We often see fashion trends filtering into interiors. This season's hero materials channel the retro charm currently seen all over the catwalk and in fashionable shows like BBC One's The Serpent,' shared Rachael Fell, Buying Manager, Furniture at Habitat.

The retailer also said that January saw high demand for textured upholstery such as bouclé, corduroy, and quilting, and was expecting a high demand for these tactile materials which convey a sense of casual comfort.

Luxury furniture designers Arlo and Jacob have responded to the interest in nostalgic interiors with a 1970s inspired collection that brings the strings to contemporary living rooms. The brand stated that the growing interest in retro fashions suggest that consumers are looking for bold colours to help bring a brighter future for a post-pandemic world.

Sunny yellow tones from the decade particularly reflect a 'pop-tinged playfulness' and, above all else, a sense of optimism for 2021.

Homeowners are coming out of their cocoons and starting to make their living rooms feel more sociable,” explained Laura Barnard, the Buying and Merchandising Manager at Arlo and Jacob.

She added that it is being expressed in the strong sales of rich ochres, yellows, and green hues, reminiscent of the party-friendly era.

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