A novel new range of Time Zone clocks, which feature flags rather than signs or text to identify the country. These clocks all feature an 26cm dial which is covered with artwork based on 9 different country flags; UK, USA, Japan, China, Germany, Australia, France, India, and Canada.

Each clock features a unique coloured laminated dial, with a polished aluminium case, a German clock movement (battery included) black hands, and a cased glass construction.

The great thing about these clocks is that because the time zones are based on flags they are not set to represent just one specific city, so they can be used to interpret the time in the whole of the country.

Perfect for those of you who like something a little different, you won’t be able to find clocks like it anywhere else on the market, they are bold and bright, and do not feature any numbers, which is another factor in their individuality. They will make a great statement in any hotel reception, office or even your home.

Each clock is sold separately which allows you to form your own personalised time zone group. Please make sure you select the required design before proceeding to the checkout.

Requires 1 x AA battery (included)

Made in the UK by Roco Verre
Exclusive to Contemporary Heaven