Practical and utile with a simply professional style, these Digital Time Zone Clocks are an amazing addition to the office or even the home. With a choice of anything between two time zones and eight time zones, and other sizes or colours available (see appropriate pages) it is very easy to tailor each clock to your individual requirements.

This deluxe version of the Digital Time Zone Clock features a digit size of 4.6cm (1.8”) which is visible up to 22 metres away and electronic time zone lettering (up to 15 characters). Each unit measures 16cm high (6”) and 3.5cm deep (1.38”), with the length of the clock varying depending upon the number of time zones.

Each time zone can display times in 12 or 24 hour format, incorporates automatic daylight savings adjustment, is mains powered and has a 10 year lithium battery for backup. The clocks have a sturdy construction, including a black metal outer casing for a durable exterior.

Each clock can be programmed from a computer via a USB Cable and supplied software.
Made in the USA

Custom Notes: please fill in the relevant custom field with the city/country name you require once for each different clock you require. The city/country name will be placed exactly as shown in the example image. Please note, delivery time is the maximum you should expect. Please read the custom fields guide click on the question mark for any questions.