Our modern Dot Matrix time zone wall clocks provide simple versatility. Using many small LED lights, these clocks comes in various sizes are great for large spaces. These clocks are fully programmable and can display up to 8 time zones depending on the version selected, perfect for managing business across the globe or a novelty at home.

Dot matrix clocks also allow you to stack location and time zones to best fit your business needs. LED lettering and numeral s are available in red or, yellow, and blue or green to special order at extra cost, so you can customize for any space.

 Our dot matrix timezone clocks have the following features:

§ Time display up to 5 characters and LED locations up to 15 characters long

§ Super bright LED technology available in red and yellow (green and blue LED upon request)

§ Up to 8 time zones so you can set for anywhere in the world

§ Either choose 1.2" 3cm high digits or 2" 5cm high digits, please click on relevant listing.

Once ordered we will set the clock up at the factory to your specified time zones, so you can simply plug them in and the clock is set up. If ever you require changing the specified time zones please load the supplied software up to a PC and connect the clock via USB to re-programme.

Each time zone can display times in 12 or 24 hour format, incorporates automatic daylight savings adjustment, is mains powered and has a 10 year lithium battery for backup. The clocks have a sturdy construction, including a black metal outer casing for a durable exterior.

Made in the USA. 
Cutom Notes:
Please fill in custom field 1 with the relevant the city/country name you require in the following format from left to right.
NEW YORK-LONDON-PARIS-ETC for how many time zones ordered.
In custom field 2 please specify the colour you require the numeral digits either RED or YELLOW
In custom field 3 please specify the colour of the time zone places letters to be either RED or YELLOW.
If you require any digits or letters in blue or green place contact us, this is normally a £50.00 extra for each time zone.
If you require more than five time zones we do manufacture six, seven and eight dial versions, please contact us for prices.