A slightly smaller version of our sought-after Big Hands design, the Little Big Hands Clock offers the same flair but requires less wall space.

Stylishly designed with a German Quartz clock movement, this clock also features sleek black hands and a classic chrome base. The hands measure 44cm when fully opened, which means we recommend a space of about 60cm to hang this clock.

And if you want digits that perfectly match your clock they can be bought separately as a pack of Roman Numerals, Number Digits or Baton Digits.

These acrylic digits have adhesive backs to enable you to attach them to your wall, and are easily adjustable once they have been stuck down. Each pack contains 12 digits, and with their piano black surface, the glossy digits will compliment your clock with a classic look.

*Please Note* The clock and digits are separate purchases, please click on the relevant product.

Approximate Digit Dimensions:
Roman Numerals – H 8cm x W various x D 0.5cm.
Number Digits – H 9cm x W various x D 0.5cm.
Baton Digits – H 8.5cm x W 2cm x D 0.5cm.

To attach to the wall we would suggest hanging your clock in its permanent position. Using the minute hand tip as a reference, attach the batons in the 12, 3, 6, and 9 positions. For the remaining digits just set the time to the hour and attach.

Exclusive to Contemporary Heaven
Made by Roco Verre