Spring has arrived at Contemporary Heaven!

At Contemporary Heaven spring has already arrived and is blooming with new products in different colours which are perfect for the season! Do not forget that the clocks go forward this Sunday 27th March so, unfortunately, less sleep to be had that weekend.

Speaking of clocks we have two amazing ones on offer in a vivid orange which are sure to create this happy-sunny effect! They are the Orange Acrylic Gloss Skeleton Roman Wall Clock and the Roco Verre 3D gloss orange roman wall clock. Both are made in gloss acrylic, with other colours available on the site. If you are after something with a more traditional, yet contemporary look, then the Modern Vintage Time Zone Wall Clocks, also available in different colour schemes, will be a great choice.

To match your bright orange clocks we have a funky and original Modern Side Table.
 Its original design is guaranteed to get your guests talking about it or even perhaps wanting one of their very own! And if you prefer something less noticeable, yet still unique, Kare Novel Bear Floor Lamp will certainly fit the bill.