This Orangi Bloom fragranced candle evokes a strong aroma of tangerine with its vibrant blend of citrusy neroli combined with juicy orange. Suffused in zesty mist, watch out for a prickle of pepper and chilli to warm the heart of your home!!

The makers of Spry Candles have gone to great lengths to ensure that all their candles are as stylish and beautiful as they are fragrant and aromatic, ensuring that they not only make your home smell wonderful, but also look beautiful too. This luxury scented candle’s finishing detail is the lovely embossed chrome finish lid which doubles up as a tray to sit your candle in when burning.

You can also Breathe Easy with Spry Candles!

Many scented candles available in the market today are made using petroleum and chemicals, which along with soot, are released into the environment when burned. This can aggravate respiratory problems such as asthma and allergies and is damaging to the environment.

Spry Fragranced Candles are different having been made with only natural and eco-friendly vegetable-based waxes to protect their customers and the environment from harmful paraffin toxins. They are made using only ethically sourced, sustainable and renewable wax ingredients.

Total burn time 60 Hours

Handmade in the UK