Bring aroma into your lives with these fragranced reed diffusers! Simply put the innovative reeds into the bottle and the fragranced oils will rise and evaporate into the air leaving your home smelling amazing for up to 6 months.

This Rasleen fragranced reed diffuser with sensational combination of oud and vanilla. The epitome of queenly refinement, this seductive blends of vanilla and oud balances both the majestic and the mysterious. The jewel in the crown of Oud fragrances, with its smokey opulence, shrouding a heart of sweet vanilla.  

A reed diffuser is a great way to add constant fragrance to your home in rooms where it would be impractical to burn candles.

Spry Fragranced Reed Diffusers have as high concentration of essential oils, which are combined with a renewable source base that evaporates slowly. This ensures that our diffusers deliver a constant and pleasant level of fragrance, and last longer than other diffusers on the market.

Lasts up to 6 months