The Best Home Design Apps

The Best Home Design Apps

If you’re planning on revitalising your home, trying to keep track of plans, colour schemes, and decor can be an exercise in mental image projection. Will the colours match, and will that sofa fit into the space you want it for?

There are now many home and interior design apps for your smartphone that use 3D modelling, augmented reality (AR), or virtual reality (VR) to help you design your environment, avoid mistakes, and keep you on top of all the latest interior design trends. We have a look at a few of our favourites.


Ikea Place (free)

When you’re not sure what you’re doing, what you want, but know you need it now, Ikea is the place to go. The Ikea Place app helps you create the look you want with a direct home reference powered by AR. You can place Ikea products virtually in your home, and the app will also recommend items.


Amikasa (£1)

Similar to the Ikea Place app, Amikasa helps you envision your ideas in AR before you purchase. Companies can connect their wares to the app to allow you to see how they look, with direct links to the products on their site.


Houzz (free)

Houzz has become synonymous with home design and improvement, and now their app will let you browse over 20 million high-resolution images of home interiors and exterior that you can view by style, location, or room. You can shop over 10 million products and materials for your designs and plans.


Homify (free)

This architecture and interior design platform allows you to connect with professionals to help with your project. There are practical tips and advice for getting the results you want, or just for inspiration


Homestyler (free)

Homestyler helps you with new home decorating plans and keeps you informed on the latest design trends and styles. It will let you virtually decorate any room in 3D, and the AR technology lets you see new items as they are adapted to your space.


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