The Essential Barware You Need at Home

The Essential Barware You Need at Home

It probably wouldn’t be far from the truth to say that many of us have become amateur mixologists during the coronavirus lockdown and discovered the joy and satisfaction of mastering how to make your favourite cocktail.

You might have purchased the right spirits and liqueurs, learnt how to craft fancy-looking garnishes, and know exactly what glass each cocktail should be served in, but if you’re wanting to build up your home-bar arsenal, then we have some of the essential barware items you need.


A Mixing Glass

If you’re a fan of spirit-forward drinks such as the Martini or the Manhattan, then a mixing glass is an essential purchase. Make sure it is one with a thick, solid base so it is sturdy enough when you’re mixing your drink. You’ll be wanting a good, long-necked bar spoon to go with it.


A Boston Shaker

You don’t need to perfect the art of juggling cocktail shakers like you see bartenders doing, but a good two-part Boston shaker will expertly shake up your cocktails. Often seen with a ‘pint glass’ half and a stainless steel half, they’re easy to clean and easy to use. Just make sure the two halves are secure before giving it a good shake!


A Jigger

The art of making consistently delicious cocktails is to master the perfect measurement. Being able to accurately measure the booze that you’re making your cocktail with will produce great drinks time after time, and a jigger is just the tool you need.


A Hawthorne Strainer

You’ve muddled your fruit, stirred or shaken your drink, and now you want to distil your creation into a glass. A Hawthorne strainer will keep all the ice, muddled fruits, and other ingredients from mucking up the presentation of your drink.


A Wooden Muddler

Whether it’s to release the flavours from the mint in your Julep, or to bash the strawberries in your Strawberry Gin Smash, or to release the oils from citrus peel, a wooden muddler is a tool you need.


If you need barware to complete your home bar setup, then visit our store today!