The Kitchen Trends For 2022

The Kitchen Trends For 2022

It is the time of year where all the industry experts make their predictions for interior design trends for 2022, and with many people still renovating their homes and making them multipurpose with working from home and lockdowns in mind, we have a look at some of the upcoming trends for kitchens.

The main predictions are focussed on four key factors that have been driving design decisions; simplicity and ease of use, natural and organic trends, multi-functionality, and a desire to be more bold and playful with the use of color.

The desire for colour has been a bit of a blow for the all-white kitchen trend, which is on its way out, say the experts, even if it is simply introducing a statement color piece, such as a bold backsplash or a statement wall.

Organic and natural elements and style will also be a growing trend, which in the kitchen will translate to the use of green and blue, particularly on cabinetry, as well as the use of wood and recycled materials for worktops.

As for materials, quartz, being sanitary and easy to clean will remain popular for countertops, while backsplashes, walls, and floors will see a use of larger format tiles that means fewer grout lines. This could mean longer subway tile and slabs in the kitchen.

For metal finishes, matte black has surpassed stainless in popularity, and there is an overall trend away from shiny finishes toward brushed ones.

In terms of design and products, the kitchen reflects the trend toward more in-home cooking. There are fewer upper cabinets and deeper base cabinets, allowing for refrigerated drawers, dishwashing drawers, and in-island microwaves.

Sinks with workstations are trending too. This design trend also represents a shift toward universal design and easier accessibility for all.

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