Top Tips For Taking Great Photos

Top Tips For Taking Great Photos

We all like to have some photos on display of our loved ones, or of a special time and place in our lives. They can warm the heart and bring back happy memories when we are having a drab day at home, or slogging away in the office. To make the most of those perfect moments, here are some tips to take great natural looking photos.


1. Avoid forced poses

No one looks good when they are staring at the camera with a forced rictus grin. Shots where people are interacting and reacting to each other naturally are much more engaging, because they really speak of their personality and presence.

When you are taking the photo, interact with the subjects so they are looking at a human being, and not just trying to engage with a device. That’s not to say everyone has to be cracked up with laughter at some family in-joke; the shot could just as easily be a relaxed moment when the subject is simply being themselves.


2. Take multiple shots

If you are not trying to line up one perfect shot, but casually taking one photo after another, you are likely to get something that is really good amongst them. In the age of digital photography, it is easy to dispose of the rest with a click of a mouse.


3. Lighting is everything

Photos taken in good natural light tend to be the most flattering. Avoid very bright sunlight, as this will create too strong a contrast between light and shade, and obscure detail. Light cloud cover is ideal. If you are a taking a photo indoors, stand with the light source behind you, rather that directly above or facing you.


4. Edit

If you are still unhappy with an aspect of the shot, it’s easy to use editing apps to adjust the colour balance and exposure. Many apps also have tools that allow you to correct red eye, and even add in whole new backgrounds if you want.

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