With compact living in mind, Umbra's designers created Furlo to help keep frequently used kitchen tools handy, while maintaining a small footprint on your countertop.

This utensil holder expands and contracts to accommodate your storage needs, extending from 8 to 11 inches in length keeping at 4 inches wide. Furlo features three slots for storing knives, keeping them easily accessible and stored safely, and built-in dividers to help keep your utensils organized and prevent them from sliding around.

The holder comes in black with stainless-steel which makes it easy to fit in with many kitchen decors. It’s easy to clean too simply wipe with a damp cloth to keep it neat and tidy. The noise-dampening pad in Furlo's main compartment protects the utensils and prevents clanking sounds when items are being removed and put back, the non-slip pads prevent noise, slipping and scratching when moving Furlo around.

Dimensions: 27.9 x 10 x 24 cm