Update Your Picture Wall With This DIY Paint Hack

Update Your Picture Wall With This DIY Paint Hack

After almost a year of lockdown restrictions, it’s little wonder that we’re getting tired of staring at the same four walls and seeking ways to make our environments more enjoyable.

If you’ve been looking for DIY hacks and home improvements, we have an excellent way to create or dress up a picture wall. Living Etc's guide to what home improvements should be avoided says you shouldn’t create a uniform picture wall, with all the prints and frames from the same source, so let’s have a look how to brighten up a boring picture wall.

Even if you have a variety of contemporary photo frames, often the mounts that hold your photo or art in the frame can be a rather boring white colour. Simply by using any old paint tester pots you can transform these mounts to give a whole new vibe.

It’s a great idea for giving new life to a gallery wall what’s been there for a while, as well as making use of old paint tester pots you might have lying around. Even if the prints don’t have mounts, they can be easily bought online, and then painted if needed.

What youll need:

  •  Sample paint pot (would be great if theyre old and need using up)
  •  Paintbrush
  •  A sheet to cover your floor
  •  A card mount the correct size and shape for your print

How to do it:

  •  Spread your sheet across the floor to protect it from paint.
  •  Paint your mounts in batches doing one colour at a time.
  •  Pop your brushes in hot water immediately before the paint has time to dry on them.
  •  Leave your mounts to dry for two hours.
  •  Re-frame your art prints with their new mounts showing proudly.

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