At Contemporary Heaven we offer unique and innovative products from around the world, this antiqued vintage metal extra large roman digit hand clock certainly offers something a bit different.
The clock features 30 cm high individual roman vintage style digits, the numerals can be hung in various layouts and sizes, each one has double sided tape pads to adhere to the wall or they can be more permanently screwed to the wall, as each one is supplied with small pre drilled holes. Unless you have a really smooth wall we would recommend hanging with screws.
The centre hand clock features a matching back plate at 11cm dia and vintage black style hands. The clock comes with comprehensive instructions and a fitting templates.
The overall layout diameter can be anything from one meter to two meters, we believe the most aesthetically looking layout would make the clock diameter around 1.3 meters diameter, but again it depends on how big your wall is.
Please note these clocks are designed to look old, antique and rustic like they have been hanging for 100 years in an old French bar so please expect imperfections, they are manufactured that way!!
Requires 1 x AA/LR6 Battery