Warm Up Without Turning On The Heating

Warm Up Without Turning On The Heating

November has arrived and suddenly the mercury has dropped, with balmy summer evenings a distant memory. However, some people are still reluctant to turn on their central heating before winter really sets in, so here are some ways to stay warm without spending more on energy bills.


1) Use fireplaces

Fireplaces aren’t just handy in the coldest months, and can be particularly useful when it’s not freezing enough to turn on the heating but you’re starting to feel the chill.

They allow you to heat up one room for a short period of time so you can remain comfortable but can save you money by not having to warm the entire house.

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2) Get cooking

Getting busy in the kitchen will not only mean you can enjoy tasty treats on these colder evenings, but it will also stop the cold from setting in.

This is Money advised: “Leave your oven door open when you are finished to make the most of the extra warmth.”


3) Enjoy hot chocolate

Autumn and winter are the perfect seasons to enjoy a lovely warm cup of hot chocolate in front of the TV.

Keeping your body warm from the inside is just as important as heating up the environment, so make sure you drink something hot in the evenings, whether that is milk, hot chocolate, tea or coffee.


4) Thick curtains and rugs

When decorating your house, invest in thick curtains and rugs, as these are great at trapping heat in a room.

Rugs are a particularly good choice for homes with laminate or wooden floors, preventing your feet from getting cold, while curtains stop your room losing heat from the windows.

There has never been a more important time to reduce spending on energy bills, as there is set to be a 12 per cent increase in the cap on variable rate tariffs. This will increase bills by an average of £139, rising to £1,277.