What Trends Can You Introduce To Your Interiors?

What Trends Can You Introduce To Your Interiors?

With the new year we often start to make changes around our homes. Of course, the latest lockdown in the UK might have inhibited our ability to go to the physical shops, but not to look online for some new dreamweavers cushions!

In fact, a few new items for your home could be just what you need to brighten up your home at this time of the year. Country Living recently picked out some of the top interior design trends to watch as we move into spring and summer, with luxe being among them.

The publication described luxe interior design as, very simply, “something that makes you smile and makes you feel special”.

Introducing small accessories, such as new cushions or throws could be ideal, as these little changes make more of a difference than you might imagine to the overall aesthetic in your home.

Colour-wise, it’s certainly worth noting that the Pantone colours of the year for 2021 have been named as “Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Grey”. The neutral tones of the grey are ideal as a backdrop to a room, while the vibrant yellow can pack a real punch when it’s paired up with this shade.

However, these aren’t the only on-trend colours for 2021. The Dulux colour of the year for 2021 is named as “Brave Ground”, which is essentially a palette of soothing earthy shades that bring us back to nature.

If you’re keen to include Pantone’s Illuminating shade into your property, you might want to take some tips from Forbes, which recently suggested good places to use this bold colour are hallways that don’t get enough natural light, kitchens and breakfast rooms.