Why Candles Are Just The Thing For Autumn

Why Candles Are Just The Thing For Autumn

September is the first month of autumn in meteorological terms, but until the astronomical definition takes effect - as it did at the equinox this week - it is possible to pretend it is still summer.

Now, however, it is an unavoidable fact that the days are getting shorter than the nights and a month from now the evenings will be darker still when the clocks go back.

That’s why now is a great time to think about getting some home fragrance candles.

No, don’t worry, this isn’t a dire prediction that the energy crisis will get worse and the lights will go out. But there is something mesmeric and relaxing about candles.

As the nights get colder and darker, what better than candles to create a sense of romance and cosiness? They will add to the overarching orange and yellow colour themes of autumn too, which will show up in everything from falling leaves and pumpkins to the rather bigger flames of November 5th.

Apart from all that, there is the simple fact that people will spend more time indoors in the winter months than in the summer. Moreover, the windows will be open less to ventilate the house because the cold air will pour in. Put together, these will make the indoor air stale and keep the bad smells in. What better reason could there be for something to make it all smell a bit better?

Finally, there’s the fact that Christmas is looming. Yes, just as folk don’t like to admit summer is ending, many don’t want to think about their shopping yet. But candles are a key part of Christmas traditions, drawn from the Jewish Hannukah festival, and few things could do more to add a festive glow to your home when the most wonderful (or fattening) time of the year comes around.

Autumn is here. Winter is coming. But with scented candles at the ready, they can be illuminated in style.