Each of these incredible Zaida rugs has been hand made in Kashmir by master craftsmen using a century’s old chainstitch technique called crewel using high quality pre-dyed 100% wool yarn. The Kashmir wool thread makes them soft to the touch at the same time as durable and hardwearing.

The simple and colourful design of this Multi Colour Curve rug creates a striking design that will sit comfortably in most contemporary modern interiors. This eye-catching and exquisite Zaida rug deserves to be seen and experienced and wherever it in your home it will make a bold and stunning statement!

This rug will also make a stunning wall hanging and you will find a slot in the cotton backing to slide a pole or baton through to hang on the wall.

This Multi Curve Rug has a plain cream 100% cotton canvas backing.

Dry clean only.

Size 180cm x 120cm (6’x4’)

100% Pure wool stitching, 100% Cotton canvas backing.

Made in Kashmir by Zaida